Scope Tracking Retrofit Unit

The scope tracking retrofit unit is field installed in a previously purchased Evolve scope cabinet. It includes a scope tracking unit, replacement door with 10” touchscreen, and attachment hardware. The unit is designed for easy installation and start-up and efficiently and cost-effectively monitors endoscope storage. It identifies scope locations, storage times, channel availability, and lengths of time before scopes expire.

Remotely monitor scope tracking and storage with InnerSpace Cloud services, which includes pre-loading of data, configuration of products after installation, and onsite and on-demand training.

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Electrical requirements for tracking unit:

  • 120 VAC, 60Hz, 15-amp standard duplex receptacle
  • Includes a 125V, 10-amp, 10-foot-long power cord

InnerSpace Cloud services are available to customers who purchase Ventaire Endoscopy System scope drying and tracking products


To order a tracking retrofit unit, first specify the replacement door size to match your cabinet size, and then specify the tracking retrofit unit.

Replacement door

Door for 26.75”w x 48”h left-hinged cabinet

AireCore: SEA1927SGLWVD (glass door), SEA1927SSLWVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1927SGLWVD (glass door), SEB1927SSLWVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1927SGLWVD (glass door), SES1927SSLWVD (solid door)

Door for 26.75”w x 48”h right-hinged cabinet

AireCore: SEA1927SGRWVD (glass door), SEA1927SSRWVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1927SGRWVD (glass door), SEB1927SSRWVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1927SGRWVD (glass door), SES1927SSRWVD (solid door)

Door for 26.75”w x 60”h left-hinged cabinet

AireCore: SEA1927SGLBVD (glass door), SEA1927SSLBVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1927SGLBVD (glass door), SEB1927SSLBVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1927SGLBVD (glass door), SES1927SSLBVD (solid door)

Door for 26.75”w x 60”h right-hinged cabinet

AireCore: SEA1927SGRBVD (glass door), SEA1927SSRBVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1927SGRBVD (glass door), SEB1927SSRBVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1927SGRBVD (glass door), SES1927SSRBVD (solid door)

Door for 26.75”w x 92”h left-hinged cabinet

AireCore: SEA1927SGLVD (glass door), SEA1927SSLVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1927SGLVD (glass door), SEB1927SSLVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1927SGLVD (glass door), SES1927SSLVD (solid door)

Door for 26.75”w x 92”h right-hinged cabinet

AireCore: SEA1927SGRVD (glass door); SEA1927SSRVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1927SGRVD (glass door); SEB1927SSRVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1927SGRVD (glass door); SES1927SSRVD (solid door)

Left-hinged door for 36”w cabinet

AireCore: SEA1936SGLVD (glass door); SEA1936SSLVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1936SGLVD (glass door); SEB1936SSLVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1936SGLVD (glass door); SES1936SSLVD (solid door)

Left-hinged door for 40”w cabinet

AireCore: SEA1940SGLVD (glass door); SEA1940SSLVD (solid door); AireCore with Brushed Aluminum: SEB1940SGLVD (glass door); SEB1940SSLVD (solid door); Stainless steel: SES1940SGLVD (glass door); SES1940SSLVD (solid door)

Scope Tracking Retrofit Unit

For 26.75”w left-hinged cabinet
5-scope unit: SVTURL5, 10-scope unit: SVTURL10

For 26.75”w right-hinged cabinet
5-scope unit: SVTURR5, 10-scope unit: SVTURR10

For 36”w cabinet
8-scope unit: SVTUR8, 16-scope unit: SVTUR16

For 40”w cabinet
9-scope unit: SVTUR9, 18-scope unit: SVTUR18



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