Open Storage

Open Medical Storage

High-density wire, track, and rack storage systems have long served as the staple for storage and transport across the hospital. They keep medical supplies and equipment visible and organized for improved workflow, accessibility, and inventory management. Our Quick family includes Quick Wire, Quick Rack, and Quick Wall. Each product line offers options for location, applications, cost, and flexibility.

  • Quick Wall

    Quick Wall

    Quick Wall is flexible and easily configured to adapt to storage spaces and locations throughout a healthcare facility. Wall-mounted shelving is ideal for sterile processing departments, clean rooms, central medical supply areas, and clinical storage spaces. Quick Wall offers preconfigured or build-your-own units.
  • Quick Wire

    Quick Wire

    Quick Wire storage units offer a variety of solutions to meet the broad range of open storage/transport needs throughout dynamic healthcare environments. High-quality, high-strength stationary medical wire units and stem caster carts provide versatile, efficient storage for department-specific supplies as well as supply chain inventory across an entire hospital.
  • Quick Rack

    Quick Rack

    Quick Rack’s modular design starts with a base unit that can be extended with any number of add-on units. The medical racking system includes stationary and mobile units that come in two widths, two heights, and two depths. Quick Rack accessories can be arranged and rearranged easily on the frame; accessories are interchangeable with InnerSpace® cabinet and cart lines.