Medical Storage Carts equipped with electronic locks and a cloud based technology for managing access and inventory

The right medical storage security can deter theft and increase efficiency at your facility. A reliable, secure, and user-friendly lock system is good insurance for your organization’s supply inventory. InnerSpace cart and cabinet locks cover the security spectrum, from a simple keyed lock to proximity choices and InterConnect Plus locks that are managed remotely through the InnerSpace Cloud platform.

Adding the web-based InnerSpace Cloud system to your facility technology stack helps management to track access to medical supplies for an added layer of security and employee accountability. The InnerSpace cloud allows inventory managers to better track supplies and receives alerts when reordering is necessary.

Assess your security needs for various departments and stored supplies and equipment to and find the lock option that best meets your needs.

  • InterConnect Lock programmed with keypad and keycard access for medical storage in a Pace cart

    InterConnect Lock

    The InterConnect Lock system stores up to 9,800 individual users and administrator codes per fleet at each facility within a healthcare system. Electronic InterConnect Locks include a programmable auto relock timer to secure contents even when a cart is unintentionally left unlocked.

  • InterConnect Lock with keycard access that is managed on a cloud data monitoring system

    InterConnect Plus Lock

    When InterConnect is linked with the Cloud platform, it becomes a WiFi-enabled InterConnect Plus Lock. You can control, manage, and track cart access from a single computer, saving the time it takes to manually program individual carts.

  • healthcare administrator on laptop accessing the InnerSpace Cloud for medical equipment security

    InnerSpace Cloud

    Manage user access, security levels, and generate reports with InnerSpace Cloud security data services available on InterConnect locks and Ventaire endoscopy products. InnerSpace Cloud endoscopy data services allows you to remotely monitor scope drying, tracking, and storage. This data system is an AWS cloud-based platform known for reliability, security, and data privacy.