Keyed Lock

For keyed access to a Roam cart, Pace cart, Evolve cabinet, or Scope Pass-through cabinet. Includes 2 keys.

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Keyed lock standard with Pace carts

Scope pass-through cabinets come with 1 lock for each door

Evolve cabinets

Hinged Flex Cell cabinet: SETHLK
Roll-top Flex Cell cabinet: SETRLK
Hinged door upper cabinet: SEUHLK
Hinged door base cabinet: SEBHLK
Roll-top base cabinet: SEBRLK

Scope pass-through cabinets: SEPASSHLK (includes 2 key locks)

Roam carts

Roam 1 counter-height, left-hinge door: SR1CHLLK
Roam 1 counter-height, right-hinge door: SR1CHRLK
Roam 2 counter-height: SR2CHLK
Roam 1 left-hinge door: SR1HLLK
Roam 1 right-hinge door: SR1HRLK
Roam 1 roll-top door: SR1RLK
Roam 2 hinged doors: SR2HLK
Roam 2 roll-top door: SR2RLK
Roam 3 hinged doors, left hinge: SR3HLLK
Roam 3 hinged doors, right hinge: SR3HRLK
Roam 3 roll-top doors: SR3RLK
Roam 4 hinged doors: SR4HLK
Roam 4 roll-top doors: SR4RLK