Scope Transport Carts

Scope transport cart is constructed of lightweight aluminum and has a FlexCell interior, durable bumper and base, seamless work surface, and 5” medical-grade casters. Scope transport carts are offered in two heights. The 40.25”h cart holds 5 6”h trays, and the 71.75”h cart holds 10 6”h trays. Several optional exterior accessories are available.

Transport carts can be specified with red or green trays; order separately.

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Exterior: 20.25”w x 28.5”d x 40.25”h
Interior: 14.5”w x 25.25”d x 31”h
Weight: 65 lb
Interior Configuration: 20 FlexCells

Exterior: 20.25”w x 28.5”d x 71.75”h
Interior: 14.5”w x 25.25”d x 62.75”h
Weight: 95 lb
Interior Configuration: 41 FlexCells

Materials and Finishes

Base structure: Powder-coated steel
Corner extrusions: Clear anodized aluminum
Corner bumpers: Thermoplastic polymer (ABS plastic)
Work surface: Antimicrobial ABS thermoplastic polymer
FlexCell panels: Thermoplastic polymer (ABS plastic)
Casters: Nylon and steel


Trays and lids can withstand a temperature of up to 66C, but it is not recommended they be used with a medical washer/disinfector.

Order optional products separately:

6″h green tray (SST6G)
Green tray lid (SSTLG)
6″h red tray (SST6R)
Red tray lid (SSTLR)
Clean scope liner bags for scope transport cart, clear, package of 500 (SVSBC)
Soiled scope liner bags for scope transport cart, red, package of 500 (SVSBR)
3″h grey tray with 3 long and 3 short clear dividers (STD3)
Push handles for tall scope transport cart (SAPHV)
Push handle (horizontal) for 40.25″h scope transport cart (SAPHV40)
Round disinfectant holder for scope transport cart (SRDHV)
Waste basket for scope transport cart (SWBV)
Side accessory mounting rail (SAMRSV)

SVSTC5, holds 5 trays
SVSTC10, holds 10 trays

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