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InnerSpace offers education courses on topics relevant to healthcare environments and the planning and specifying of medical storage. Our CE courses will provide you with information and new knowledge to keep you to-to-date on industry topics and trends and maintain continuing education requirements. As an AIA CES Provider, we also offer our lunch-and-learn sessions through the AIA. Contact us for more information on lunch-and-learn sessions.

Course Offerings

Modern Storage Solutions for Healthcare

In this one-hour course, we will explore storage issues that healthcare facilities face due to the demands of ever-changing technological advances as well as a lack of usable space. When healthcare facilities do not have easy access to necessary supplies and equipment, patient treatment may suffer as well as cause added stress to staff members. Fortunately, there are flexible options for design professionals to consider as they plan for the current needs of the facility as well as anticipate the future needs. We will examine mobile, stationary, and preconfigured storage alternatives as well as various accessories to solve both general and specialty storage common issues. In addition, we will discuss design trends to determine ways that modern storage units may contribute to a healthier, safer, and more efficient environment that has positive impacts on people.

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