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InnerSpace® specializes in stationary and mobile medical storage solutions for all areas of your healthcare facility, from cath labs and radiology to central supply and endoscopy. Our portfolio of products includes a cohesive system of medical carts and medical cabinets.

Who We Are

Coming full circle is the story of the InnerSpace journey. In the 1980s, the current leaders of InnerSpace launched Datel, a small medical storage business. Datel evolved into InnerSpace and grew into an established company focused on manufacturing department-specific hospital storage products. In 2008, InnerSpace was sold, and a few years later Solaire Medical was born, led by the same leadership that launched the original InnerSpace. Solaire Medical’s mission was to take the medical storage knowledge honed since the Datel days to further innovate the design, materials, technology, and construction of storage for healthcare.

In 2018, Solaire Medical acquired InnerSpace, and InnerSpace Healthcare was born. A reinvigorated company with the combined expertise, experience, and innovation developed over the years is evident in a portfolio of products and its knowledgeable team of salespeople, storage consultants, and service representatives who create value for customers by improving the organization of equipment and supplies and the efficiency of staff.

What We Offer

Breadth of application

Our broad offering of mobile and stationary medical storage products addresses department-specific equipment and supplies as well as general supply management. The Ventaire Endoscopy System focuses on the endoscopy department and endoscope reprocessing and storage.

Flexible and adaptable storage

Our FlexCell’s modular design lets you configure and reconfigure the interiors of carts and cabinets as storage needs and supplies change. FlexCell components are interchangeable among our cart and cabinet lines.

Planning expertise and support

Our storage consultants and customer service representatives help you plan, select, and specify your products. Let our storage consultants analyze your storage spaces and supply use processes and help you plan the best approach to the storage and transport of supplies and equipment.

Custom solutions

If your storage requests can’t be met through our standard offering, we can design and build just what you need. Our agility ensures you’ll have a custom solution without long lead times or high costs.

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