Medical Storage Departments

InnerSpace offers medical carts, medical cabinets, and open medical storage for a variety of healthcare equipment and supplies. Our healthcare storage products maximize space and create efficient, organized spaces throughout hospitals and outpatient facilities.

  • Medical Storage Departments, Cath Lab
    The flexibility of our mobile catheter carts and stationary catheter cabinets, designed with the FlexCell modular system and preconfigured interiors, provide solutions for your supply-intensive cardiac cath lab. Our catheter storage carts and cabinets are designed specifically for the safe storage of catheters, guide wires, introducers, and boxed supplies.
    Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Medical Storage Department ED Critical Care
    Suture carts, ortho/cast carts, code carts, and general storage carts are some of the mobile, lockable preconfigured options designed for the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of emergency departments and critical care units. Hospital carts with FlexCell interiors organize a wide range of supplies.
    ED/Critical Care
  • Medical Storage Department, Endoscopy
    Our endoscope storage solutions are designed to protect, secure, and organize scopes while keeping them clean and dry. Preconfigured scope carts and scope cabinets in a variety of sizes accommodate different scope lengths and quantities. Specialty endoscope storage includes scope drying cabinets and extra-tall scope cabinets.
  • Medical Storage Department General Supply
    High-density, heavy-duty, and modular medical equipment storage efficiently organize a variety of supplies. Our hospital supply storage solutions include medical storage cabinets and carts with configurable FlexCell interiors that maximize storage space and change with your needs.
    General Supply
  • Medical Storage Department Hybrid OR
    Our medical storage carts respond to the hybrid operating room’s changing rotation of procedures. FlexCell and its system of modular interior components make efficient work of stocking and restocking supplies. AireCore and stainless steel medical carts support  infection prevention protocols in hybrid ORs.
    Hybrid OR
  • Medical Storage Department Interventional Radiology
    Mobile and stationary healthcare storage with flexible interior configurations guarantees staff can efficiently organize the variety of supplies and equipment found in the interventional radiology department. Medical supply carts, code carts, and medication carts round out the offering for this high-use area.
    Interventional Radiology
  • Medical Storage Department, Pharmacy
    Lockable mobile medical carts and stationary medical storage cabinets offer maximum storage capacity and security. Drawers and trays are interchangeable with all InnerSpace® carts and cabinets, streamlining restocking. Outfit high-density supply areas with medical wire shelves, wall-mounted shelving, and track shelving. Complement office décor with hospital pharmacy storage finished in custom and wood-grain laminates.
  • Medical Storage Department PICU/NICU
    Mobile, lockable medical storage solutions keep PICU and NICU staff at the bedside with all the necessary medications and supplies in reach. While functionality and efficiency are essential in the PICU/NICU, so is comfort. Wood-grain and custom laminates add a touch of warmth to a highly clinical, equipment-intensive area.
  • Medical Storage Department, Surgery
    High-density AireCore storage, stainless steel medical carts, and stainless steel medical storage cabinets maximize interior storage without taking up valuable floor space.  Suture carts and code carts, among our preconfigured options, are outfitted with the appropriate accessories for efficient surgical supply storage.