InterConnect Lock

OLED screen can be read clearly at wider viewing angles. The keypad is designed for easy input, and the keypad is resistant to scratching and damage from cleaning. On-screen prompts guide users through managing and accessing locks. The lock system stores up to 9,800 individual users and administrator codes per fleet at each facility within a healthcare system. Keypad locks are standard but can be upgraded to a proximity lock.

When InterConnect is linked with the InnerSpace Cloud platform, it becomes InterConnect Plus, a WiFi-enabled lock system that lets you manage and track user access, security levels, and generate reports.

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InterConnect locks are available on Pace cart, Roam carts, and Evolve cabinets with hinged doors. Add InnerSpace Cloud security and data services for managing user access, security levels, and to generate reports. Security and Data services includes pre-loading of data, configuration of products after installation, and on-site and on-demand training

  • Access for proximity locks can be assigned as badge swipe, PIN or badge swipe, or both PIN and badge swipe. Proximity locks are compatible with all RFID card formats
  • Specify SSMART for pack of 5 smart cards for proximity locks
  • InnerSpace Cloud

To order a keypad lock, first specify your product line and door type. For a proximity lock upgrade, add SLWP to the keypad lock part number.

Pace carts:
SPSDLW (standard and narrow)
SLWPP – Prox lock upgrade for Pace carts

Roam carts:
SR1CHLLW (Roam 1 counter-height, left-hinged door)
SR1CHRLW (Roam 1 counter-height, right-hinged door)
SR2CHLW (Roam 2 counter-height, glass doors)
SR1HLLW (Roam 1, left-hinged door)
SR1HRLW (Roam 1, right-hinged door)
SR1RLW (Roam 1, roll-top door)
SR2HLW (Roam 2, hinged doors)              
SR2THLW (Tall Roam 2, hinged doors)    
SR2RLW (Roam 2, roll-top door)
SR3HLLW (Roam 3, left-hinged door)      
SR3HRLW (Roam 3, right-hinged door)   
SR3THLLW (Tall Roam 3, left-hinged door)           
SR3THRLW (Tall Roam 3, right-hinged door)        
SR3RLW (Roam 3, roll-top door)
SR4HLW (Roam 4, hinged doors)              
SR4THLW (Tall Roam 4, hinged doors)    
SR4RLW (Roam 4, roll-top door)

SLWPR – Prox lock upgrade for Roam carts

Evolve cabinets with hinged doors
Tall cabinets:
SETHLW-19 (for 18.75”w cabinet)
SETHLW-27 (for 26.75”w cabinet)
SETHLW-36 (for 36”w cabinet)
SETHLW-40 (for 40”w cabinet)

Upper cabinets:
SEUHLW-19 (for 18.75”w cabinet)
SEUHLW-27 (for 26.75”w cabinet)
SEUHLW-36 (for 36”w cabinet)

Base cabinets:
SEBHLW-19 (for 18.75”w cabinet)
SEBHLW-27 (for 26.75”w cabinet)
SEBHLW-36 (for 36”w cabinet)

Scope cabinets:
SESHLW-27W (for 26.75”w x 48”h cabinet)
SESHLW-27B (for 26.75”w x 60”h cabinet)
SESHLW-27 (for 26.75”w cabinet)
SESHLW-36 (for 36”w cabinet)
SESHLW-40 (for 40”w cabinet)

SLWPE – Prox lock upgrade for Evolve cabinets



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