Roam 2 Boxed Catheter Cart

Includes 1 double-column shelf, 5 shelf dividers, and a pull-out module with adjustable dividers to hold catheter boxes. Pull-out module is divided to prevent tipping. Door choices include 1 lockable counterbalanced roll-top door or 2 lockable tempered glass doors. The boxed catheter cart has a lightweight aluminum case, durable plastic bumper and base, easy-grip vertical aluminum handles, 5” medical-grade casters, and standard key lock.

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  • Total


39”w x 28.75”d x 75.25”h (glass doors)
39”w x 28.75”d x 81”h (roll-top door)

Interior (glass and roll-top doors):
31.75”w x 23.75”d x 64.25”h

197 lbs

Interior Configuration

Cart with roll-top door or glass doors: 42 FlexCells

Materials and Finishes

  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Frame and corner extrusions: Aluminum
  • Base and bumper: High-density polyethylene
  • FlexCell panels: Thermoplastic polymer (ABS plastic)
  • Hinges: Dull chrome-plated steel
  • Door pulls: Dull chrome-plated metal
  • Push handles: Clear anodized aluminum
  • Doors: Roll-top has aluminum finish, doors are aluminum and glass
  • Casters: Metal plated
  • Ceiling in cart is pre-set to hold 6 Cath Managers; maximum catheter length: 60.75” for roll-top cart, 66.25” for cart with doors
  • Side-attached accessories are available
  • Optional keyed or InterConnect lock available
  • Optional 3” slope top
  • Cart comes standard in soft white finish; optional colors available

Glass doors: SR2GBC
Roll-top door: SR2RBC

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