Scope Drying Unit

Scope drying unit thoroughly dries the interior lumens of endoscopes. The unit is flexible, lightweight, and can be placed on a counter or cart surface or mounted on a wall, IV pole, or scope pole and features an easy-to-use, easy-to-read display. The scope drying unit can dry two endoscopes and is available in two versions: one has a compressor that supplies air, and the other connects to a building’s air supply. Includes barcode scanner and mounting bracket and hardware to attach unit to the wall or IV or scope pole. Works with all major endoscope brands.

Add a subscription to the Smart Solutions platform and monitor scopes remotely, receive notifications, customize reports, and upload and download lists of user and scopes via USB or Smart Solutions.

Order connector kits and replacement tubes and HEPA air filter separately.

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Unit: 7.5”w x 8”d x 10”h
Display screen: 5” diagonal length


Unit with compressor:
Air output

  • Compressor Output: 5 PSI (maximum PSI)
  • LPM: 1.65 CFM (46.7 LPM)

Compressor decibels: 71 dB
Weight: 14.3 lb
Electrical requirements: 115 VAC (less than 2 amps)
Power cord length: 10’

Unit without compressor:
Air output

  • Compressor Output: 10 PSI (maximum PSI)

Weight: 8.1 lb
Electrical requirements: 115 VAC (less than 2 amps)
Power cord length: 10’

Materials and Finishes

Shell: Powder-coated steel
Face cover: Thermoplastic polymer (ABS plastic)
Scanner bracket: Powder-coated steel
Filter: Polypropylene
Mounting bracket: Powder-coated steel

Scope drying unit includes a mounting bracket that mounts the unit to a wall or an IV or scope pole attached to a Pace cart.

  • Order IV or scope pole separately:

SIVPP (IV Pole for Pace cart)
SIVPP-UAR (IV Pole for Pace cart, attaches to existing accessory rail post)
SSCPP (Scope Pole for Pace cart, holds 2 scopes)
SSCPP-UAR (Scope Pole for Pace cart, holds 2 scopes, attaches to existing accessory rail post)

  • InnerSpace Smart Solutions platform subscription for remote monitoring of scopes

SVDU2 (Scope drying unit, with compressor)
SVDU2-H (Scope drying unit, without compressor (attaches to building’s air supply))
*Units that connect to a building’s air supply includes a quick-disconnect plug.

Order replaceable products separately. Replace tubes every 24 hours and filters every 6 months.

  • Replacement HEPA air filter: SVDUAF
  • Manifold tube replacement, pkg of 2: SVMT2
  • Manifold auxiliary water tube replacement: pkg of 2: SVWAT2

Order single-use connector kits separately. To find which connector kit is compatible with your endoscope, visit Ventaire Connector Kits.

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