Ventaire™ Tubes

Compressor, manifold, and manifold auxiliary water tubes connect to the Ventaire system to effectively vent HEPA filtered air through endoscope channels. Manifold tubes are used with endoscopes without water jet ports; manifold auxiliary water tubes are used with endoscopes with water jet ports. Replace tubes every 6 months.

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Materials and Finishes

Compressor tube and air filter: Soft PVC tube and polypropylene filter

Manifold and manifold auxiliary water tubes: Soft PVC

Compressor tube/air filter: SVCTAF (Package of 1)
Manifold tube: SVMT5 (Package of 5)
Manifold tube: SVMT8 (Package of 8)
Manifold tube: SVMT9 (Package of 9)
Manifold auxiliary water tube: SVWAT5 (Package of 5)
Manifold auxiliary water tube: SVWAT8 (Package of 8)
Manifold auxiliary water tube: SVWAT9 (Package of 9)