Fan Ventilation Unit with HEPA Filter

For use in Evolve scope cabinets and Roam scope carts. Includes HEPA filter and 10-amp, 125VAC 10-foot-long power cord. Attachment hardware included.

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The fan ventilation unit has an air flow of 95 CFM. The HEPA filter in the fan removes 99.97% of all particles with a diameter equal to or less than 0.3um.

A HEPA filter unit exchanges air up to 211 times/hour inside a closed 26.75″-wide cabinet, 154 times/hour inside a 36″-wide closed cabinet, and 139 times/hour inside a 40″-wide closed cabinet.

The fan runs continuously to create positive pressure within the cabinet. Air is pulled into the cabinet and drawn through the HEPA filter before circulating into the cabinet. Excess air is forced out through the vents in the lower cabinet.


  • Voltage Rating: 115VAC
  • Watts: 13.0W
  • Amps: 0.19A


7″w x 5″d x 5″h

Order replacement filters separately (SHEPFIL for 1 filter or SHEPFIL3 for 3 filters)



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