6”H Tray, Green

For use in a scope transport cart. The 6”h green tray has seamless construction and holds clean scopes. Tray lid has 2 fingerholes for ease of handling; order separately. Holds up to 40 pounds. Uses 4 FlexCells.


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Exterior: 15.75”w x 23.62”d x 5.20”h

Interior: 13.86”w x 21.73”d x 5.03”h


15.75”w x 23.62”d


Trays and lids can withstand a temperature of up to 66C, but it is not recommended they be used with a medical washer/disinfector.

Scope liner bags can be ordered as an additional layer of protection for clean and soiled scopes.

Clean scope liner bags for scope transport cart, clear, package of 500 (SVSBC)
Soiled scope liner bags for scope transport cart, red, package of 500 (SVSBR)

SST6G    6″ green tray

SSTLG    Green tray lid

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