6”H Tray, Grey

For use in a Roam cart or Evolve cabinet with FlexCell interior or a 6″-high Pace drawer. Tray has seamless construction for ease of cleaning. Holds up to 40 pounds. Uses 4 FlexCells.


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  • Exterior: 15.75”w x 23.62”d x 5.20”h
  • Interior: 13.86”w x 21.73”d x 5.03”h
  • Specify ST6 for grey tray
  • Specify SST6 for smooth tray and SSTL6 for smooth tray lid

Trays can be organized using adjustable tray dividers; order separately:

  • Specify STD6 for preconfigured tray with 3 short and 3 long dividers
  • Specify SSD6 for clear short tray divider
  • Specify SLD6 for clear long tray divider


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