Organize and Be Ready with PPE Carts

Personal protection equipment medical carts

Solaire Medical’s PPE carts give you options for organizing and storing personal protection equipment.

  • For emergency departments and patient floors to specialized areas such as ICU and isolation
  • For frequent stocking or lower-volume access
  • In locations where space is at a premium
  • And always designed to support staff efficiency and safety

Roam Supply Carts

Six carts sizes manage small to large supplies and fit both tight and roomy storage locations. Roam’s lightweight construction and mobility, along with its large storage capacity, make it ideal to position outside of isolation rooms to hold personal protection items.

Tempo Procedure Carts

This mobile cart line features a rail system and side-mounted storage that keeps frequently used items conveniently located and quickly accessible. Tempo offers preconfigured and accessorized isolation and crash carts.

Rover Work Stations

This is our most lightweight mobile cart line. For isolation applications where space is at a premium, Roam’s small 20”x20” footprint fits the bill, with enough interior drawer space to store essential, frequently stocked supplies. Also comes in 24”x20” size.