Solaire Medical Announces Acquisition of InnerSpace from Stanley Black & Decker

Solaire Medical is pleased to announce the acquisition of InnerSpace from Stanley Black & Decker, effective September 28, 2018. The InnerSpace product line, now branded as InnerSpace® by Solaire Medical, is a redesigned line of products that reflects not only InnerSpace innovations, but also new innovations in materials and manufacturing processes introduced by Solaire Medical that result in a high-quality, highly flexible medical storage product portfolio.

InnerSpace by Solaire Medical will be supported through the expertise of the two companies and a combined team of salespeople, storage consultants, and service representatives who will continue to create value for customers by improving medical supply organization for years to come.

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Solaire Medical products have a new look and improved performance

Solaire Medical has updated its InnerSpace portfolio of products for optimal function, quality, and style. Evolve casework, Roam supply carts, and Tempo procedure carts, along with a full line of accessories, provide efficient and functional storage for all departments within a healthcare facility. “We’re excited to offer a medical storage portfolio that we consider the best in the marketplace,” says Solaire Medical President Ben Barber. “Our decades of industry experience and our team’s collective knowledge of customers’ needs have culminated in casework and cart lines that offer great durability and maximum storage capacity with an efficient and clean design.”

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Roam Medical Supply Carts

True to its name, Roam is a traveler, at home nearly anywhere it ends up. We’ve designed our Roam medical supply cart line to address the specific needs of departments throughout a hospital or ambulatory clinic. Regardless of its location, a Roam cart will always improve the organization of supplies to improve the efficiency of care delivery.

One size won’t fit all, so we’re giving you six.

  • Interior storage columns range from single to four wide and sizes from 42” to 80” high, 29” to 74” wide, and 24” to 29½” deep.
  • More variety: select from roll-top or hinged doors and options such as lighting, electronic locks, sloped tops, custom colors, and surface printing.
  • Unlike some manufacturers, we make our Roam carts in-house, which gives you more flexibility in custom requests.

Offering both general supply and specialty storage.

  • Roam is offered in preconfigured carts for specific procedures or outfitted with FlexCell interiors to store general supplies, both bulky and small.

High-density storage that won’t stack on the pounds.

  • Roam carts are constructed of a lightweight aluminum composite, improving mobility and maneuverability over metal carts.
  • Aluminum composite won’t scratch or rust.

Purchase your Roam carts online or through a Solaire Medical representative.

Choice, flexibility, and function: All the storage you need throughout your cath lab

Catheter Storage

In the procedure room

  • Sharing storage between two procedure rooms? Looking for stationary or mobile storage? We offer choices to fit your lab layout and processes. Scale the size of your cabinets or carts to accommodate more catheters for shared spaces or fewer for individual procedure rooms.
  • Our Evolve stationary catheter cabinets and Roam mobile catheter carts are preconfigured for the supplies you need to store but also offer a range of size, door, and finish options.

In the patient area

  • We offer two cart lines for patient areas that are large enough to hold essential supplies and a patient’s belongings, but small enough to make smart use of space.
  • Tempo drawer fronts come in several colors or can be customized for a look unique to your lab.
  • A slide-out surface expands space for pre- and post-procedure supplies and slides. Also available are Roam carts in sizes that fit without getting in the way.

In staff and general storage areas

  • Solaire Medical’s InnerSpace portfolio includes storage products for nearly every area within a healthcare facility. We offer many options for general storage needs in staff work areas.
  • Rover workstations feature an adjustable surface and space for supplies and a laptop/tablet.

See the cath lab department for more products.

Solaire Medical salutes the caregivers who educate on breast cancer prevention and who care for their patients with skill and compassion

Thank you.

Tempo Procedure Carts and Roam Supply Carts come in a variety of configurations, styles, and finishes. They can also be specified in pink to show your organization’s support of breast cancer awareness–a fitting addition to women’s health centers and breast cancer treatment facilities.

Don’t wait. Order your Tempo Procedure Cart via by October 31, 2015, and we’ll donate $50 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on early detection, education, and support services for women around the world.

  • Tempo 33 Procedure Cart

    Tempo Procedure Carts

  • Roam 2 Lap Cart, Glass Doors

    Roam Supply Carts

Premier Contract Lists Solaire Medical Products

Solaire Medical is pleased to announce it is a Small Business Supplier on the Premier Contract PP-FA-486. All of our products, including mobile carts, casework, and stationary cabinets are included in the Modular Casework, Storage Systems, and Mobile Carts contract.

Three tiers of pricing are offered, based on order volume. Terms of the three-year contract are July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018.

Correctly storing reprocessed scopes will improve their useful life and cleanliness between uses

Endoscope Storage

Solaire Medical’s scope cabinets and carts come in configured sizes and store 5 to 18 scopes, up to 77” in length for cabinets and 66¼” for carts. Enclosed cabinets and carts protect clean scopes. A padded rear wall protects scope optics, vents circulate air, and a removable drip tray eases cleaning. Scope cues and cord managers keep contents organized and elevated off the cabinet floor.

Consider a scope cabinet with AireCore, a durable, nonporous, chemical- and corrosion-resistant construction that offers choices in design and customization. Cabinets are also available in stainless steel or compression board with choice of laminate. Scope carts are made of lightweight aluminum.

  • Scope cues hold multiple sizes.
  • Upper and lower cord managers secure long and short scopes.
  • Options include HEPA fan units and locking roll-top or hinged doors.
  • Lightweight trolley carts transport soiled scopes for reprocessing.

Solaire Medical Meets New Seismic Anchoring Requirements

Solaire Medical is pleased to announce it has received OPM Approval for compliance with OSHPD’s (California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) new seismic anchoring requirements (OPM0054-13) in the category of Specialty Medical Cabinets. OPM is OSHPD’s new pre-approval of manufacturers’ certification of seismic code compliance. Solaire Medical’s Evolve cabinets, casework, supports, and attachments are approved.

This new standard follows more stringent guidelines than the previous requirements. California hospitals will be required to meet this new standard on future projects with possible retrofitting of existing furnishings to meet the new standard.