What to Expect During The Buying Process: The InnerSpace Proven Process

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Purchasing healthcare storage solutions for your facility should be pain-free and include a dedicated support team. 

We provide every customer with the InnerSpace Proven Process, a timeline that begins when you contact us to discuss an order and guarantees ongoing support after the product is delivered. This timeline is our guaranteed buying process that you can count on every time you make a purchase. 

Read on as we break down the 5 phases of the InnerSpace Proven Process.

Step 1: Assess

To get your purchase started, you can reach out to us one of three ways:

  1. Call the InnerSpace customer service department at (888) 435-2256 
  2. Submit the contact form on our Contact Customer Service page 
  3. Get in touch with an InnerSpace territory manager by submitting the form found on the Find a Sales Rep page

Of course, you can connect with your territory representative directly if you have their contact information.

Once we have connected, your dedicated territory representative will arrange a visit to your healthcare facility to meet with your clinical and design teams and assess your storage needs. 

This thorough assessment will include an evaluation of staff workflows and organization needs, measuring the available space, and addressing any potential compliance and safety issues. 

Step 2: Configure and Quote

Now we go to the drawing board.

Our sales and customer service teams help you choose medical storage products that meet your space requirements and your organizational needs. We will design a standard or customized product solution using CAD drawings. You’ll then receive the CAD drawings along with a price quote. 

This step can take up to two weeks, depending on whether you choose standard products (1-5 days) or custom products (5-14 days).

If you aren’t satisfied with the design, we will revise the plan as needed. We want you to be happy with the result.

Once you’ve approved the configuration plan and quote and have supplied us with a purchase order, we’ll begin building your storage system.

Step 3: Create

Production can take between 14 and 60 days, depending on the items selected. This time includes manufacturing, assembling, inspecting, and configuring technology products. 

Step 4: Deliver and Install

Once the products are inspected and meet our quality control standards, it takes between 15 and 30 days to pack, ship, and install the storage system.

InnerSpace will arrange the details of the delivery process after consulting with you. If you need special arrangements, such as a liftgate, InnerSpace will make those arrangements for you. 

While we’re packing your products, you’ll receive a sales confirmation email with an estimated shipping date. When your order ships, you’ll receive an email with a tracking link, making it easy to track your order as it moves from our shipping facility to your location.

You can also track your order on the InnerSpace website by selecting Track Order in the Contact drop-down menu.

InnerSpace coordinates installation with our approved partners when requested. We can also arrange for a representative to be available onsite during installation to ensure a smooth transition. 

If you’ve ordered products that include technology, our technology team has you covered. You’ll receive tech support any time you need it. 

Step 5: Support

We provide onsite, and sometimes virtual, training and support for all our products.

Of course, our high-tech products, such as the Ventaire scope drying and tracking cabinet, automatically include an in-service visit to ensure that your staff is comfortable using the product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will we have a dedicated consultant through the entire process?

Yes! We’ll provide you with contact information for your dedicated territory rep who can answer any questions that you have and walk with you through the entire purchasing process. 

What if we decide to change something after we’ve placed the order?

If you want to make a change to your order, please contact customer service or your territory representative.

One of my products arrived damaged. Now what?

If a product is damaged during shipping or installation, InnerSpace will replace the product(s) at no cost to the customer. And if the delayed installation creates a workflow issue, we will work with you to provide solutions. 

Can someone visit our facility later if we experience issues with the products?

Yes, of course. Our territory representatives, customer service team, technology team, and service team are always available to provide support, whether you need online tech support or someone to visit your facility.

What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer for your products?

Please visit our Warranty and Terms page on our website for product warranty information and terms and conditions.

How long do you provide support for your products?

Indefinitely. If you own the product, we are here for you!

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