Ventaire Cabinets

Ventaire scope drying and tracking cabinet. Improving department effectiveness and equipment safety.

Ventaire Scope Drying and Storage

The American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy recommends endoscope channels be dried with forced, pressure-regulated filtered air. Enter the Ventaire™ scope drying and tracking cabinet and its automated system that delivers consistent, continuous HEPA-filtered, pressurized air into endoscope channels, filtering 99 percent of particulates less than 0.1µm. The system features a timed drying cycle and continuous venting cycle.

The easy-to-operate interface walks users through a straightforward process and displays real-time information, including scope locations, drying, venting, and storage times, and channel availability. The Ventaire system works with all major endoscope brands.

The Ventaire line includes scope drying and tracking cabinets, scope tracking cabinets, and retrofit scope drying and tracking and tracking units that install in InnerSpace Evolve scope cabinets.

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Scope drying and tracking cabinets

The Ventaire system meets the 2021 Multisociety Scope Storage and Drying Guidelines.

Scope drying and tracking cabinets

Retrofit scope drying and tracking

Ventaire Scope Tracking Cabinet, Stainless Steel

Ventaire cabinets are 19.25”-deep and come in three widths and three heights and with solid-front or tempered glass doors.

Scope tracking cabinets

Retrofit tracking cabinets