Sloped Top for Roam Cart

Sloped top attaches to a Roam cart with hinged door. Attachment hardware included.

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Integrated sloped tops standard on Roam carts with roll-top doors


  • 19.59”w x 28.23”d x 5”h (Roam 1)
    36.81”w x 28.23”d x 5”h (Roam 2)
    56.43”w x 28.23”d x 5”h (Roam 3)
    78.72”w x 28.23”d x 5”h (Roam 4)


Power-coated steel

  • Specify SR1GST for Roam 1 cart
  • Specify SR2GST for Roam 2 cart
  • Specify SR3GST for Roam 3 cart
  • Specify SR4GST for Roam 4 cart

Roam 1: SR1GST
Roam 2: SR2GST
Roam 3: SR3GST
Roam 4: SR4GST