9″H Basket, Clear

For use in a Roam cart or Evolve cabinet with FlexCell interior. Perforated bottoms and sides keep dust out of baskets. Can be easily removed to clean cart or cabinet interior. Integrated safety stops prevent basket from coming out of cart or cabinet. Holds up to 40 pounds. Uses 6 FlexCells.

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Exterior: 15.75″w x 23.62″d x 8.32″h
Interior: 13.43″w x 21.31″d x 8.15″h

Baskets can be organized using adjustable dividers; order separately

  • Specify SB9 for clear basket

Baskets can be organized using adjustable basket dividers; order separately:

  • Specify SBD9 for preconfigured basket with 1 short and 1 long divider
  • Specify SSD9 for clear short adjustable divider
  • Specify SLD9 for clear long adjustable divider


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