Ventaire Smart Solutions Subscription

Ventaire Smart Solutions Subscription

The Smart Solutions subscription-based website is an AWS cloud-based platform known for its reliability, security, and data privacy that allows customers to remotely monitor scope drying, tracking, and storage. Subscriptions are available to customers who purchase Ventaire scope drying and tracking cabinets, scope tracking cabinets, or drying or tracking retrofit units.

Subscriptions can be purchased for a minimum of one year. A one-time annual Smart Solutions subscription payment earns a 10-percent discount. You can also pay for a subscription on a monthly basis.

Another option for remote monitoring of scope activity is the Ventaire Network Connector Device, which does not require a network connection. One device will provide access to all Ventaire cabinets in a single room. A monthly service fee will be charged per device.

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12 months24 months36 months48 months60 months
1 Ventaire UnitSSV1.12SSV1.24SSV1.36SSV1.48SSV1.60
2 Ventaire UnitsSSV2.12SSV2.24SSV2.36SSV2.48SSV2.60
3 Ventaire UnitsSSV3.12SSV3.24SSV3.36SSV3.48SSV3.60
4 Ventaire UnitsSSV4.12SSV4.24SSV4.36SSV4.48SSV4.60
5+ Ventaire UnitsSSV5.12SSV5.24SSV5.36SSV5.48SSV5.60