InnerSpace Adds Two New Products to its Ventaire™ Endoscopy System

Ventaire Endoscopy System - Scope Drying Unit and Scope Transport Carts

Marne, Mich. – January 25, 2023 – InnerSpace announces the addition of the Scope Drying Unit and Scope Transport Cart to its Ventaire Endoscopy System, a family of products that facilitate the storage, drying, tracking and transport of endoscopes. The freestanding Scope Drying Unit thoroughly dries the interior lumens of endoscopes, a process that is critical for prohibiting bacterial growth. The lightweight Scope Transport Cart can be specified with color-coded green and red trays that communicate whether the cart is transporting clean or soiled scopes.

“InnerSpace has been involved with the endoscopy suite for nearly three decades,” says InnerSpace president Ben Barber. “Our sales representatives and technical salespeople have met with countless healthcare leaders over the years. We fully understand scope management and can help educate our customers on best practices.”  

According to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation and American National Standards Institute guidelines, drying scopes immediately after reprocessing and then moving them to a drying cabinet for continued drying can lower the risk of patient infection.  

“With the addition of the Scope Drying Unit, we now offer our customers the means to safely and more thoroughly dry scopes, which is paramount in lowering the risk of contamination,” says Barber.  

The compact and lightweight Scope Drying Unit can dry two endoscopes at a time and be placed on a variety of surfaces, including counters, carts, or mounted on a wall, IV pole or scope pole. Like the Ventaire Endoscopy System Drying and Tracking Cabinet, the Scope Drying Unit can be monitored remotely via USB or with the InnerSpace Cloud platform to receive notifications, customize reports and upload and download lists of users and scopes.   

“InnerSpace is a leading brand in endoscope storage,” says Barber. “With the addition of the Scope Drying Unit and Scope Transport Cart, we are strengthening our position as a leader of scope management and providing our customers with value-add technology.”

The Scope Transport Cart features a Flexcell interior and comes in two sizes, a 40.25-inch-tall carts that holds five, six-inch trays and a 71.75-inch cart that holds up to 10. Clear and red disposable tray liner bags add another visual cue and layer of protection for clean and soiled scopes. Mounted accessories allow supplies to be stored on the cart.


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