Metal Shelf for Cath Managers

Fits anywhere in a Roam cart or Evolve cabinet to hold cath managers. Holds up to 50 pounds. Uses 1 FlexCell.

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  • 23.5″w x 16″d (S19M1)’
  • 32.75″w x 16″d (S19M2)
  • 32.75″w x 23.75″d (S27M2)
  • Specify S19M1 for 1-compartment 19.25″d cabinet
  • Specify S19M2 for 2-compartment 19.25″d cabinet
  • Specify S27M2 for 2-compartment 27.25″d cart or cabinet


For 1 compartment in 19.25”d cabinet, S19M1
For 2 compartment in 19.25”d cabinet, S19M2
For 2 compartment in 27.25”d cart or cabinet, S27M2