ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) cart is designed to store supplies and equipment needed for ERCP procedures. It has a base with 18 FlexCells in each of the 2 compartments, a stainless steel surface, pegboard back, and upper storage cabinet. The 2 roll-top doors have keyed locks. The cart comes in a Soft White powder-coated paint finish.

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Dimensions (nominal)


Exterior: 41.5”w x 27.75”d x 74.5”h


Exterior: 41.5″w x 27.75″d x 44.5″h

Interior: 14.5″w x 23.75″d x 27″h (each column)


Cabinet: 36″w x 18.75″d x 30″h; interior: 33.5″x 18″d x 9.5″h

Pegboard: 34.5″w x 14″h


244 lbs


36 FlexCells, 18 per compartment

2 3″h, 4 6″h, and 2 9″h trays with dividers

Pegboard with 8 6″ hooks; pegboard spacing: 1″

Materials and Finishes

  • Top structure: Powder-coated carbon steel structural top, 18 gauge stainless steel cover
  • Base structure: Powder-coated steel
  • Pegboard: ¼” thick plastic
  • Roll-top door: Plastic
  • Hutch surface: 18 gauge stainless steel
  • Cart finish: Soft White melamine
  • Corner extensions: Clear anodized aluminum
  • Corner bumpers: Thermoplastic polymer (ABS plastic)
  • FlexCell panels: Thermoplastic polymer (ABS plastic)
  • Push/pull handle: Clear anodized aluminum
  • Casters: Nylon and steel

Cart without accessories (SR2ERCP-E); order interior accessories separately

Interior and side-mounted exterior accessories and hooks. See Accessories

SR2ERCP: ERCP Cart with 2 3″h, 4 6″h, 2 9″h trays and 8 6″ hooks

SR2ERCP-E: ERCP Cart without accessories


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