Single Chamber Warming Cabinet with 2 Shelves

Stainless steel single chamber warming cabinet can be specified as stationary, mobile, or recessed. It has 8.65 cubic feet of storage and a temperature range of 90°F – 160°F. Cabinet has 2 shelves, a keyed temperature lock-out, adjustable feet, 2”h base, and can be specified with a left- or right-hinged stainless steel or glass door. The mobile cabinet is on a stainless steel stand. The recessed cabinet includes a trim kit.

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Exterior Dimensions (nominal)

  • Stationary cabinet: 30”w x 26.5”d x 36”h
  • Mobile cabinet: 34”w x 26”d x 70.5”h
  • Recessed cabinet: 30”w x 26.5”d x 36”h

Interior Dimensions (nominal) and Configuration

  • 26”w x 23”d x 25”h, 2 adjustable shelves

Materials and Finishes

  • Cabinet panels, header, and door: 300 stainless steel double-wall construction with insulation
  • Stainless steel door: Double-paned stainless steel
  • Glass door: Double-paned tempered glass with aluminum frame
  • Cabinet handle: CuVerro® bactericidal copper surface

Electrical Information
120V, 6.3 amp, 50/60 Hz, .45 kWh (average), and 1535 BTU/hr (average)

  • For Celsius, specify SMWCCELSUIS
  • For seismic braces, specify SMWC30SB for 30”w cabinet

Stationary cabinet:

  • Right-hinged glass door: SM263036SWCGR2B
  • Left-hinged glass door: SM263036SWCGL2B
  • Right-hinged solid door: SM263036SWCSR2B
  • Left-hinged solid door: SM263036SWCSL2B

Mobile cabinet:

  • Right-hinged glass door: SM263470SWCGRM
  • Left-hinged glass door: SM263470SWCGLM
  • Right-hinged solid door: SM263470SWCSRM
  • Left-hinged solid door: SM263470SWCSLM

Recessed cabinet:

  • Right-hinged glass door: SM263036SWCGR2BR
  • Left-hinged glass door: SM263036SWCGL2BR
  • Right-hinged solid door: SM263036SWCSR2BR
  • Left-hinged solid door: SM263036SWCSL2BR