Double-sided Stationary or Mobile Unit with 12 Baskets

Unit includes 1 double-sided 36”w frame, solid-bottom dust shelf, 6 12”d baskets, 6 18”d baskets, 18 12”d dividers, 30 18”d dividers, and frame-mounted basket brackets. Add-on unit has 1 upright frame. Mobile unit has 4 4” x 1.25” casters.

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  • Stationary base unit: 37.5”w x 40.5”d x 74”h
  • Stationary add-on unit: 36.5”w x 40.5”d x 74”h
  • Mobile base unit: 37.5”w x 40.5”d x 80”h
  • Mobile add-on unit: 36.5”w x 40.5”d x 80”h

Materials and Finishes

  • Frame: Boxed steel construction with a cool white powder-coated finish
  • Baskets: Fine mesh design with .5” square openings and medical-grade nickel chrome finish
  • Solid Shelves/Dust Covers: Solid, powder-coated steel construction with turn-down edges for additional rigidity

Load Capacities

  • Casters: 4” x 1.25,” weight capacity: 330lb for static loads, 200lb for dynamic loads. Mounted to ¾” steel bar to prevent unit from becoming top-heavy
  • Baskets: 100lb per basket
  • Unit: Total capacity not to exceed 500lb. Weight capacity should be evenly distributed along each basket as well as the whole unit


Baskets can be mounted at an angle or horizontally

SL4036SSD12B48: Stationary base

SL4036SAD12B48:  Stationary add-on

SL4036MSD12B48: Mobile base

SL4036MAD12B48: Mobile add-on