Ventaire™ System’s Security and Automation Feature Gives Endoscopy Staff a Streamlined, Easy, and Safe Option for Endoscope Drying

Marne, Michigan , November 14, 2022 – InnerSpace announces the addition of a security and automation option for scope drying and tracking cabinets that streamlines the steps required to dry endoscopes. Initiating the scope drying process is typically done manually, which takes time and can lead to errors, but with the security and automation option, three simple barcode scans initiate the scope drying process without error. The security feature automatically locks the cabinet when the door is closed. Scanning an ID badge unlocks the door. 

“The addition of the security and automation option for our Ventaire system puts us at the forefront of product technology,” says Director of Product Technology Mark McClusky. “And scope drying and tracking cabinets can store more scopes than any other manufacturer today, which is not only more efficient, but also a value.”

Endoscopy departments often manage a fleet of cabinets in multiple locations. Using InnerSpace Cloud with the Ventaire system puts all scope-related data in one centralized location, giving administrators the ability to remotely sync data among cabinets, assign access to cabinets, and track endoscopes from one computer. Data is captured quickly and accurately, so it can be managed and reviewed by staff as well as auditors.

Endoscope Cabinet Barcode Scanner, Scope

“With InnerSpace Cloud and Ventaire, customers are getting better data in, getting it faster. And because it’s a cloud-based solution, data is centralized across the healthcare campus,” says McClusky. “With the security and automation addition to our Ventaire system, we’re offering a great product that lets our customers be more efficient and error-free. Coupled with our cloud-based InnerSpace Cloud platform, we’re offering a best-in-class product.”

The security and automation option for the Ventaire system is the latest in new medical storage automation technology from InnerSpace. The company also recently introduced the Ventaire Scope Drying and Tracking System, the InterConnect Plus Lock, and InnerSpace Cloud. These innovations in medical storage automation allow for better asset management and tracking throughout healthcare facilities.