New Ventaire™ Scope Drying and Tracking Cabinet features real-time data and online monitoring capabilities

InnerSpace, A Solaire Medical Company


Adam Russo

Marne, Mich. – October 18, 2021 – InnerSpace today announced the launch of its Ventaire Scope Drying and Tracking Cabinet. Ventaire provides real-time tracking capabilities, online scope monitoring and features an automated system that continuously delivers HEPA-filtered pressurized air into endoscope channels to keep scopes dry and avoid reprocessing. 

In addition to displaying real-time tracking information like storage durations and expiration times, the Ventaire Scope Drying and Tracking Cabinet generates a report detailing all scope activity.

“Effectively drying and storing endoscopes is critical for ensuring hygiene, prohibiting bacterial growth and potentially lowering infection rates,” said Ben Barber, president, InnerSpace. “Ventaire strengthens our position as a leader in medical storage by expanding the capabilities of our scope cabinet offering while providing significant value for healthcare systems that need to ensure infection prevention and meet industry standards.” 

In addition to the scope drying and tracking cabinet, the Ventaire product line includes a scope tracking cabinet, retrofit scope drying and tracking cabinet and tracking units that can be field-installed in InnerSpace Evolve scope cabinets. 

“Our Ventaire scope tracking cabinet offers a cost-effective and efficient way to track scope storage,” Barber said. 

A unique aspect of the Ventaire product line is that it allows users to monitor cabinet activity and update scope inventory remotely through the InnerSpace Cloud platform. 

The Ventaire Scope Drying and Tracking Cabinet system meets the 2021 Multisociety Task Force Scope Storage and Drying Guidelines and works with all major endoscope brands. 

InnerSpace partnered with Ada, Michigan-based Michigan Software Labs on the development of the Ventaire Scope Drying and Tracking Cabinet programming.

About InnerSpace, a Solaire Medical Company

Headquartered in greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, InnerSpace specializes in the manufacturing and sales of healthcare storage solutions ranging from a cohesive system of carts and cabinets to modular casework. InnerSpace products improve staff and facility efficiencies and support healthcare organizations’ bottom line. The InnerSpace portfolio includes the Quick line of open storage products. InnerSpace was originally founded as medical storage business Datel, which was later rebranded into InnerSpace and shifted its focus to manufacturing department-specific hospital storage products. In 2018, InnerSpace was acquired by Solaire Medical.