For keycard access to a Roam cart, Tempo cart, Rover workstation, or Evolve cabinet for up to 2,000 users and administrators. Includes an LED battery indicator that notes low battery.


Product Number 

SETHLP (Hinged door tall cabinet)
SEUHLP (Hinged door upper cabinet)
SEBHLP (Hinged door base cabinet)

SR1CHLLP (Roam 1 counter-height, left-hinge door)
SR1CHRLP (Roam 1 counter-height, right-hinge door)
SR2CHLP (Roam 2 counter-height)
SR1HLLP (Roam 1 left-hinge door)
SR1HRLP (Roam 1 right-hinge door)
SR1RLP (Roam 1 roll-top door)
SR2HLP (Roam 2 hinged doors)
SR2RLP (Roam 2 roll-top door)
SR3HLLP (Roam 3 hinged doors, left hinge)
SR3HRLP (Roam 3 hinged doors, right hinge)
SR3RLP (Roam 3 roll-top doors)
SR4HLP (Roam 4 hinged doors)
SR4RLP (Roam 4 roll-top doors)

STSDLP (Tempo)

SVSDLP (Rover)