For keyed access to a Roam cart, Tempo cart, Rover workstation, or Evolve cabinet. Standard on Tempo cart and Rover workstation.Includes 2 keys.

Product Number 

SETHLK (Hinged door tall cabinet)
SETRLK (Roll-top tall cabinet)
SEUHLK (Hinged door upper cabinet)
SEBHLK (Hinged door base cabinet)
SEBRLK (Roll-top base cabinet)

SR1CHLLK (Roam 1 counter-height, left-hinge door)
SR1CHRLK (Roam 1 counter-height, right-hinge door)
SR2CHLK (Roam 2 counter-height)
SR1HLLK (Roam 1 left-hinge door)
SR1HRLK (Roam 1 right-hinge door)
SR1RLK (Roam 1 roll-top door)
SR2HLK (Roam 2 hinged doors)
SR2RLK (Roam 2 roll-top door)
SR3HLLK (Roam 3 hinged doors, left hinge)
SR3HRLK (Roam 3 hinged doors, right hinge)
SR3RLK (Roam 3 roll-top doors)
SR4HLK (Roam 4 hinged doors)
SR4RLK (Roam 4 roll-top doors)