Proximity Lock

For keycard access to a Roam cart, Tempo cart, Rover workstation, or Evolve cabinet for up to 2,000 users and administrators. Includes an LED battery indicator that notes low battery.


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Product Number 

SETHLP (Hinged door tall cabinet)
SEUHLP (Hinged door upper cabinet)
SEBHLP (Hinged door base cabinet)

SR1CHLLP (Roam 1 counter-height, left-hinge door)
SR1CHRLP (Roam 1 counter-height, right-hinge door)
SR2CHLP (Roam 2 counter-height)
SR1HLLP (Roam 1 left-hinge door)
SR1HRLP (Roam 1 right-hinge door)
SR1RLP (Roam 1 roll-top door)
SR2HLP (Roam 2 hinged doors)
SR2RLP (Roam 2 roll-top door)
SR3HLLP (Roam 3 hinged doors, left hinge)
SR3HRLP (Roam 3 hinged doors, right hinge)
SR3RLP (Roam 3 roll-top doors)
SR4HLP (Roam 4 hinged doors)
SR4RLP (Roam 4 roll-top doors)

STSDLP (Tempo)

SVSDLP (Rover)