Evolve Scope Drying Cabinet

Decrease infection and improve patient safety

Evolve Scope Drying Cabinet, Endoscopy

Effective endoscope drying is essential to the prevention of bacterial transmission and hospital-acquired infections. The 2021 guidelines from the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy cite the importance of keeping endoscope channels dry between reprocessing and use. Any presence of moisture can lead to microbial contamination. Our Evolve scope drying cabinet supports these storage guidelines with an automated system that provides consistent and continuous delivery of HEPA-filtered, pressurized air into all endoscope channels to keep scopes dry and avoid reprocessing.

The easy-to-operate drying system features an automated, 10-minute drying cycle per scope and continuous venting cycle for overnight storage. It has a self-adjusting, high-pressure regulation and automatic shut-off and offers a HEPA-filtered 99.97% retention rate of particles less than 0.3µm. The hands-free unit works with major endoscope brands.

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