Correctly storing reprocessed scopes will improve their useful life and cleanliness between uses

Endoscope Storage

Solaire Medical’s scope cabinets and carts come in configured sizes and store 5 to 18 scopes, up to 77” in length for cabinets and 66¼” for carts. Enclosed cabinets and carts protect clean scopes. A padded rear wall protects scope optics, vents circulate air, and a removable drip tray eases cleaning. Scope cues and cord managers keep contents organized and elevated off the cabinet floor.

Consider a scope cabinet with AireCore, a durable, nonporous, chemical- and corrosion-resistant construction that offers choices in design and customization. Cabinets are also available in stainless steel or compression board with choice of laminate. Scope carts are made of lightweight aluminum.

  • Scope cues hold multiple sizes.
  • Upper and lower cord managers secure long and short scopes.
  • Options include HEPA fan units and locking roll-top or hinged doors.
  • Lightweight trolley carts transport soiled scopes for reprocessing.
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