Choice, flexibility, and function: All the storage you need throughout your cath lab

Catheter Storage

In the procedure room

  • Sharing storage between two procedure rooms? Looking for stationary or mobile storage? We offer choices to fit your lab layout and processes. Scale the size of your cabinets or carts to accommodate more catheters for shared spaces or fewer for individual procedure rooms.
  • Our Evolve stationary catheter cabinets and Roam mobile catheter carts are preconfigured for the supplies you need to store but also offer a range of size, door, and finish options.

In the patient area

  • We offer two cart lines for patient areas that are large enough to hold essential supplies and a patient’s belongings, but small enough to make smart use of space.
  • Tempo drawer fronts come in several colors or can be customized for a look unique to your lab.
  • A slide-out surface expands space for pre- and post-procedure supplies and slides. Also available are Roam carts in sizes that fit without getting in the way.

In staff and general storage areas

  • Solaire Medical’s InnerSpace portfolio includes storage products for nearly every area within a healthcare facility. We offer many options for general storage needs in staff work areas.
  • Rover workstations feature an adjustable surface and space for supplies and a laptop/tablet.

See the cath lab department for more products.

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